We ensure that vulnerable patients are placed appropriately to meet their needs.

Since 2015, KEPRO has been supporting the Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services Department to manage and perform Level II Preadmission Screening and Resident Reviews to evaluate and provide recommendations to the state of Ohio.

KEPRO’s Ohio PASRR program conducts evaluations of individuals with suspected or confirmed diagnoses of mental illness to help MHAS to identify the level of specialized services and care needed, and the need for placement in Medicaid certified nursing facilities. Additionally, in 2016, KEPRO began providing reviews and determinations for expedited and emergency cases.

KEPRO ensures that Ohio residents are placed in the appropriate and least restrictive setting to receive the right level of care for their needs.

KEPRO’s Ohio team manages approximately 11,000 cases, performs 6,200 assessments and conducts nearly 500 reviews on an annual basis.